Do to Covid-19 and social distancing restrictions the 2020 Gospel Music Spectacular Date has Changed

It will now be Tuesday, July 28th at 6pm at the Cowan Civic Center Exhibition Hall.

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The New Horizons are a family singing group from Lebanon, Missouri. The Group consists of two brothers, Max and Danny Rhoades and one sister, Becky (Rhoades) Buttrey. The group started 53 years ago as a male quartet, but in 1973 the brothers found themselves in need of a singer — and waiting in the wings was their younger sister Becky. She was the missing piece, that voice, which was needed to mold the group into what it is today.

The New Horizons feel they have been put together to fulfill a call God has placed on their family years ago. Consistency seems to run in the family for their parents, the late Dean and Julia Mae Rhoades, pastored the same church, the Lebanon Church of the Nazarene, for over 50 years before retiring. To God be the glory!

The trio, The New Horizons have been faithful to their roots in gospel music. The lessons learned around the piano with their mother and sitting around the old phonograph listening to their favorites like The Blackwood Brothers, The Statesman, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Speer Family and the Happy Goodman’s Family, have been the back bone of their singing style over the years. You could characterize their sound as a traditional southern style with down home family harmonies. Their songs have a simple message that cuts through the complicated problems we face as a society today, and emphasize that God is bigger than our problems!

A well-loved part of The New Horizons’ ministry is Danny’s saxophone playing. Many in the music business have referred to him as “Mr. Gospel Saxophone,” and rightly so. Danny plays the older melodies of hymns and songs of the church that have stood the test of time. You will enjoy this special part of their ministry.

The New Horizons have been recording for many years and have a large selection of these recordings available. Their latest recording project is “Celebrating 50 Years” and Danny’s latest saxophone project is “Old Time Classics,” Volume 12. The New Horizons goals today are the same as they were over 50 years ago, and that is to make a difference in the lives of the people they are privileged to meet.

View their show schedule below, or Request The New Horizons Albums and other Merchandise here.

Max Rhoades

Max is an original member of the New Horizons. He is also the oldest of the three Rhoades kids. Max is the lead singer in the group and he is also the spokesman on stage during the concerts. He is a major supporter of southern gospel, country gospel, and bluegrass gospel music in Southwest Missouri. Max is the general manager of the KTTK radio station 90.7 (All God’s Music All the Time). He is very proud that KTTK has been nominated by the Singing News Magazine as one of the top 10 Southern Gospel radio stations in the nation.

Max has many interests outside of music. He loves watching football, basketball and baseball on the collect level, but when he is not on the road he especially enjoys working with his Fox Trotter Horses! He is also an avid reader; he loves stories of the old West.

Max resides in Lebanon, Missouri. He has two children and two grandchildren. The light of his world are his two grandchildren Braxton Dean and Elise Mae.

Danny Rhoades

Danny is also an original member of the New Horizons. He wears many hats in the group, such as manager, sound technician, and most important he is the tenor singer. Danny is known all over the country as a first-rate sound technician…he has set the stage and ran sound for many of the largest gospel singings, bluegrass festivals, and country concerts in the business. Danny is known for his honesty and hard work throughout the industry.

Danny loves to be outdoors hunting and fishing. His greatest pleasure is when he is out in the woods hunting coon with his Walker and Blue tic hounds. He always has an exciting story to tell of his coon hunting adventures!

Danny resides in Lebanon, Missouri where he has retired from serving his third term as the Presiding Commissioner of Laclede County. He and his wife Nancy have three children, thirteen grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

Becky (Rhoades) Buttrey

Becky is the newest member of the New Horizons…she joined the group in 1973! She is also the youngest member of the family and the only sister. Becky sings the alto in the group. She has traveled with the group through high school, college, and graduate school. Becky taught in the Lebanon Elementary Schools for 31 years. It was not unusual to see her grading papers on the bus on the weekends. She is now enjoying being retired from teaching.

Becky resides in Lebanon, Missouri with her husband Jim Buttrey, They have four children and twelve grandchildren with number thirteen to arrive in July. She loves to shop for antiques and decorate for the holidays. Becky enjoys reading new recipes and cooking. She also loves to plan and host gatherings in her home.

Jack Kinnett

Jack is a faithful and cherished member of the New Horizons…without Jack it would be difficult to get to and from our singing engagements each week. For over twelve years he has driven the bus and taken over the wheel through sun, rain, sleet and snow for the New Horizons. Jack’s friendly nature makes him a favorite at the Churches and concerts where we sing. It is not uncommon to see him interacting with the people and talking to them like an old friend. Needless to say, Jack has friends all over the Midwest.

Jack has been married to Janet for over 50 years. They have two daughters and two grandsons. Jack and Janet attend Heritage Baptist Church and they are avid supporters of southern gospel music. The New Horizons appreciate Jack for all he does…each week as we pull into the bus barn we say… thank God and Jack we’re home!

2021 Booking Schedule

We currently have some open dates available

February 21
10:45 am
Calvary Baptist Church
6980 Farm Road 2165
Exeter Mo
Pastor Randy Comer

March 6
6 pm
First Baptist Church
Delassus Mo
Glen Carter
636 388 6866
(with Finally AuthorityQt.-Lefevre Qt.)

March 7
10:30 am
Lebanon Cowboy Ch.
McNeal Arena
N.Hwy 5
Lebanon Mo
Pastor Brian Kinchloe
417 718 3682

March 14
10:45 am
First Baptist Church
782 Hwy H
Leesburg Mo
Leo Sanders
573 205 5756

March 21
10:45 am
New Life of Hope Ch.
725 Shamrock
Sullivan Mo
Pastor Tina
479 422 7258

March 28
10:30 am
Rolla Nazarene Church
1901 East 10th St.
Rolla Mo
Neal Walters
573 308 0532

April 4
10:45 am
First Assm of God Ch.
1920 Lakeview
Mexico Mo
Pastor Bradshaw
573 473 5417

April 11
10:45 am
Kinser Chapel of Hope
State Hwy J
Springfield Mo
Pastor Ron
660 676 6768

April 11
5 pm
Forest Church Park Ch.
7th and Rangeline
Joplin Mo
Mike Greestreet
417 529 3655

April 18
10:45 am
Ebenezer Church
P Hwy off South 38
Marshfield Mo
Pastor Terry Bennett
417 241 0398

April 25
5 pm
Antioch Baptist Church
1249 East Highway 22
Centralia Mo
Sheryl Willier 573 473 6766

May 2
10:30 am
Living Hope Faith Ch.
500 Marvin’s Ave.
Walker, Mo
Scott Pritchett
417 876 9398

May 16
9 am
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence Mo
Jane or Carolyn
573 996 6107

June 6
10:30 am
First Assm of God Ch.
Alton Mo
Rev. Robert Chastain
417 270 2105

June 13
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence Mo
Jane or Carolyn
573 996 6107

June 27
Community Baptist Ch.
West Hwy 64
Lebanon Mo
Allen Reeves
417 532 8421

August 1
9 am
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence Mo
Jane or Carolyn
573 996 6107

August 3
5:30 pm
Doors open at 4:45 pm
2021 New Horizons Gospel Spectacular
Cowan Civic Center
500 East Elm St.
Lebanon Mo
Danny R.
417 718 1243
Max R.
417 531 0250
more info to apear on this site soon

Sept 4
7 pm
One Life Nazarene Ch
3245 S. Kansas Ave
Springfield Mo
Don Eddington
417 818 1588

Sept 12
10:45 am
Union Hall Baptist Ch.
12560 East Hwy W
El Dorado Springs Mo
Donna Winner
417 955 0081

Sept 25
Holy Cow Ranch
Edwardsville Ill
Ken and Betty Lewis
618 377 5377

Sept 26
10:45 am
New Testament Baptist
Sullivan Mo
Kenny Palmer

Oct. 2
6 pm
CrossTimbers Comm Ctr
CrossTimbers Mo
Janie Simmons
417 733 0921

Oct. 3
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence Mo
Jane or Carolyn
573 996 6107

Oct. 9
New Life of Hope Ch
72 Shamrock
Sullivan Mo
Pastor Tina
479 442 7258

Oct 10
(time TBA)
Cross Roads First Church of God
8154 Old Jackson Road
Fredericktown Mo
Pastor Rocky Sandlin
573 631 8609

Oct 16
Evening Show
Lester Family Fall Fest of Gospel
Songs@ Meremac Caverns
314 772 3048

Oct 17
6 pm
Prospect Baptist Church
3584 Hwy 47
Londell Mo
Pastor Steve Hodges
314 691 4868

Oct 24
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence Mo
Jane or Carolyn
573 996 6107

Oct 31 thru Nov 3
Sun morn service
nite’s 6:30 pm
Revival @ Nazarene Ch
3896 S. Hwy 32
El Dorado Springs Mo
Pastor Bill Wetstone
586 360 3492

Nov 5/6
MAGMA Convention – all info TBA

Nov 27
6 pm
Kttk 90.7 FM
2021 Christmas Sing
Location/ info TBA

August 8
Pea Ridge Pentecostal Church
So. Hwy 185 (7 miles on left)
Bourbon, Mo.
Rev. John Ripley

August 9
Brush Creek Church of God
Hwy B
Ava, Mo
Bill Clouse

August 16
10:30 am
Salt Creek Assn of God
Ch 211 Topeka Ave
Lyndon, Ks
Pastor Mike Rash

August 23
Golden Harvest Baptist Ch
4327 W. Chestnut Expressway
Springfield, Mo
Pastor Jess Roberds


September 5
One Life Nazarene Church
3245 So. Kansas Ave.
Springfield, Mo.
Don Eddington


September 20
(Call Neal Walters for time)
Church of the Nazarene
1901 East 10th Street
Rolla, Mo.
Neal Walters

September 25
Gospel Night
City Park
Walker, Mo.
Scott Pritchett


September 26
Holy Cow Ranch
Edwardsville, Il
Ken and Betty Lewis


September 27
New Testament Baptist Church
Sullivan, Mo.
Ken Palmer


October 3
Community Center
Cross Timbers, Mo.
Janie Simmons

October 4
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence, Mo.
Jane or Carolyn Smith


October 6
(Private event for Marshfield Nazarene)
Savanna House
Branson, Mo.

October 10
New Life of Hope Church
72 Shamrock Drive
Sullivan, Mo.
Pastor Tina
Also hear Lester Family+Final Authority

October 11
First Baptist Church
Spokane, Mo.
Joe Melton

October 16-17
New Horizons are singing on the Friday night October 16.
For more info contact Lane Lercher 573-774-0404

22nd Annual Southern Gospel Reunion
Fri., Oct 16, 2020
Sat., Oct 17, 2020
Starting times to be announced.
Family Life Center –
Westside Baptist Church
801 Historic 66 W
Waynesville, Mo.
Free Admission
Special Seating Setup To Observe Social Distancing
Emcee-Duane Garret
Covenant Quartet
Becky Lercher
Heritage Boys
New Horizons
Gilbert Crismon and Friends


October 17
Lester Family’s Fall Festival of Gospel Songs
Mermec Caverns
Stanton, Mo.
Jon Lester

Moved to Nov. 22

October 18
Eldon Nazarene Church
1024 East Lawson St.
Eldon, Mo.
Pastor Dr. Jerry Fry

October 25
Cross Country Trail Ride
Eminence, Mo.
Carolyn or Jane Smith

October 25
Messenger Church
602 Summit Road
Fenton, Mo.
Rick Brown

November 1-2-3-4
Revival at Nazarene Church
3896 South Hwy 32
El Dorado Springs, Mo.
Pastor Bill Whetstone

November 6-7
6pm (NH sing on Nov 7 only)
Mid America Gospel Music Assn.
New Heights Church
4982 Flat River Rd
Gary O’Neal


November 19-20
Pending w/ Diplomats
Birmingham, Alabama
Jim Pearson

November 22
Eldon Nazarene Church
1024 East Lawson St.
Eldon, Mo.
Pastor Dr. Jerry Fry

November 28
KTTK Christmas Sing
LifePoint Church
195 N. Washington St.
Lebanon, Mo.
Max Rhoades @ KTTK
417-531-0250 or 417-588-1435

November 29
Wood Street Baptist Church
Lebanon, Mo.
Pastor Sam Price
Meal provided before sing, starts aprox. 5:15pm

December 6
New Testament Baptist Church
Sullivan, Mo.
Ken Palmer

December 13
Church of the Nazarene
20896 East US 160
Forsyth, Mo
Pastor Dan Paxton

…Please check back later for future dates.

Lebanon Missouri’s homegrown gospel group The New Horizons as they perform for Lebanon Junior and Highschool students back in 1978.

The New Horizons received a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009 from Mid America Gospel Music Association
Danny’s CD cover for “Country Rhoades”

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